Vapensieroday 2004 Katia Ricciarelli interprets and narrates Verdi from Busseto and from Fidenza
The latest edition of VapensieroDay had the personal touch of Katia Ricciarelli. This web event, broadcast on March 9th, is centred around Giuseppe Verdi, and featured the great singer herself as artistic director as well as protagonist in the event which is promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Province of Parma, and the Town Councils of Busseto and Fidenza.
Once again, just as in the 2001 and 2002 editions, the main aim of the event was to remember Verdi and his works, however it also delved into the human, social and historical aspects of the period of which the maestro of Busseto was such an illustrious representative. It was held in locations directly linked to Verdi’s life, and in two appointments that will be transmitted to the whole world via Internet. The first, «Indimenticabili armonie» (Unforgettable Harmonies), was held at the Magnani Theatre in Fidenza, one of the most fascinating historical theatres in the Parma area. Katia Ricciarelli presented the most beautiful arias from Verdi’s 27 operas, which were sung by her pupils and other specially chosen singers. The second event  «Serata con l’artista» (An Evening with the Artist), was held in the Salone Barezzi at Busseto where Ricciarelli narrated “her personal” Verdi in conversation with others.
Both events (accompanied by images of other well-known Verdi locations: his birthplace at Roncole, Villa Sant’Agata, the hospital at Villanova) were broadcast in Internet on Tuesday March 9th on the following site: www.giuseppeverdi.it at 20.00 (gmt). The events were directed once again by Luca Mazzieri.
The online broadcast of the 9th  was preceded by another important appointment regarding.
Verdi: On Friday 5th March at 21.00 at  the Teatro Magnani, Fidenza, Katia Ricciarelli performed some of the most well-known Verdi arias, alongside colleagues, in a public concert . 
  • Katia Ricciarelli
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