The Ghiaurov-Freni Archive
The Ghiaurov-Freni Archive is an archive mainly consisting of multimedia, photographic and documentary testimonies of the operatic world starting from the ‘50s up  to today whose protagonists are Mirella Freni and Nicolai Ghiaurov and, therefore, the greatest singers in the world with whom they  shared their careers.
The archive includes over 2000 pieces consisting of reels, cassettes, LP, Betacam, VHS, Video8, CD, DVD.
At the moment the cataloguing has classified 873 pieces - including some unpublished works, live recordings, original masters on LP reels produced in ‘50s, personal recordings of preliminary studies - documenting concerts and performances  otherwise unrecorded  and  not popularized.
In addition to this  there are over 3000 recorded lessons of Mirella Freni and Nicolai Ghiaurov given during their courses  since 2002. These recordings were born in digital form and catalogued through the CUBEC "Digital Archive" system classified  by opera, aria and performer.
It is an patrimony that testifies the world operatic life represented by the career of these two great artists and is composed by published - some of which very hard to be found - and even unpublished materials representing a great value in terms of heritage and offering performances never transmitted by official channels.
  • Mirella Freni - Luciano Pavarotti - Nicolai Ghiaurov
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