Verdi ballets today

Since September 8th, 2001, date of the first performance at the Teatro Regio in Parma of Viva Verdi the New York City Ballet has included in its repertoire four ballets, among which two are historic revivals, the “Dance of the Queen” by George Balanchine from the third act of Don Carlos, also known as “La Peregrina” (1978), “The Four Seasons” by Jerome Robbins on music from I vespri siciliani, I lombardi alla prima crociata, Il trovatore (1979) by Peter Martins, “Quartet for Strings” from “Quartetto per archi in mi minore” by Verdi and “Viva Verdi” on variations from La Traviata.

Numerous choreographers and dance companies all over the world continue to put on stage in the major theaters contemporaneous choreographic reinterpretations both of Verdi's ballets and single Verdi operas.

For example, in Italy the Compagnia Artemis Danza of Parma has already debuted with Traviata and Rigoletto and soon will come out with La doppia notte, a grandiose creation inspired by Aida and Tristan dedicated to the two Maestri Verdi and Wagner, whose themes of night and love will intermingle.

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