The Other Opera. GIUSEPPE VERDI FARMER an opera in 3 acts an opera in 3 acts
Sunday 4 august 2013, 9.00 PM, Piazza Cavour - Rimini
Two actors guide us to the discovery of Giuseppe Verdi's "Other Opera": that other work he carried on all his life, an intense farming activity.
The Maestro, who once called himself "a countryman of Roncole", was also an innovative landowner and a witness to the fate of unified Italy concerning the development of agriculture.
We discover him as a farm businessman: a jealous keeper of his own garden and of the animals, a careful observer of the farmers' life conditions and a meticulous administrator.
The play offers many mementos: fragments of letters, biographers' reenactments, scholars' interpretations and "why not" "devotees" fantasies.
It's the Verdi you can find in books, of course, but also in the popular imagination. Living traces are still legible in the territory that he inhabited and transformed: that's where the two actors start their journey, meeting people and evoking characters, weaving together an imaginary opera libretto where facts and emotions get mixed up...
They tell us about Verdi, the great musician, but also an innovative farmer, participating in the events of Risorgimento, a very practical benefactor and a refined gourmand.
A theatrical journey into Verdi maps.
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