Le Terre Traverse
This association, born in 2009, involves seven towns in the province of Piacenza:  Fiorenzuola, Alseno, Besenzone, Cortemaggiore, San Pietro in Cerro, Villanova and Monticelli d'Ongina, all lying between the Via Emilia and the Po River, in what can be defined the “land of Giuseppe Verdi”.
A musical genius belonging to all of humanity, Verdi was an innovative agricultural entrepreneur strongly tied to his own land, where he lived all his life, managing over a thousand hectares of farms.
Le Terre Traverse, founded by agricultural businesses and farms – Battibue, Colombaie, Casella del Frascale, I Ronchi, Mascudiera, Quercia Verde, Moronasco, Tenuta Casteldardo, Pizzavacca, Scuola Vecchia, San Matteo, Casa Buca, La Rondanina, La Sforzesca, Pastorella Moronasco, Castello di Cadeo, Castello di San Pietro in Cerro (with its Museo MIM), – aims at promoting this territory of the plains, its material and immaterial culture.
Telling about a land that is memory, but also a prospect for the future, relating cities and rural areas to contribute to the recognition of these latter as patrimony of everybody:  this is the project of Le Terre Traverse.
Out in the open, in places both natural and unusual and in farmhouses, the association organizes moments of reflection and of coming together, concerts, exhibits of paintings, prose theater, events for children in the name of the values and knowledge to be transmitted to new generations, letting the places speak for themselves.
The program for 2013 will be dedicated to the celebration of our great fellow countryman, Giuseppe Verdi.
Scheda pratica per "Le Terre Traverse " Contacts +39 335 5891585 - +39 339 4578683
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