GIUSEPPE VERDI - ROUTE ACCESSIBILITY For people with disabilities the Verdi Route in Emilia Romagna provides accurate information based on C.A.R.E. methodology

Examples of particular aspects:

  • door size and width,  height of any steps
  • presence of flights of stairs and size/height
  • availability of disabled toilets
  • type of floor surfaces
  • distance of parking lots  and provision of reserved spaces
  • existence of information panels and audio guides for Blind and visually impaired visitors
  • Installation in each "Verdi location" (home, museums, etc.)
  1. Giuseppe Verdi Cultural Society c/o Teatro Regio
    The “Giuseppe Verdi” Cultural Society is located inside the Teatro Regio. The access to the theatre is 130 cm wide and presents 3 steps surmountable by a ramp with a 11% slope. If you are in possession of a disability benefit document you can park along Garibaldi Street - where the paving is smooth and made by Terracotta   slabs - or behind the theatre in the Piazzale F. Paer and in Piazzale Barezzi, where the paving has a pebbled surface.
  2. Istituto Nazionale di Studi Verdiani di Parma Via Melloni, 1/B
    The access to the Istituto Nazionale di Studi Verdiani is 2.50 m wide and has no steps; upon entering you are immediately in a small courtyard where you can take the lift (size 88 cm) to reach the second floor, where the Institute is located. Via Melloni has 1 parking space for disabled visitors and its flooring  surface is in cobblestones and concrete tiles.
  3. Fondazione Teatro Regio di Parma Strada Garibaldi, 16/A
    The entrance to The Theatre is 130 cm wide and presents 3 steps surmountable by a ramp with a slope of 11%. The ticket office is on the ground floor having a 140 cm entrance. After proceeding through the ticket office, the waiting room has a 130 cm. Wide access. From the waiting room the auditorium can be reached by a ramp with an 8%   slope The Stalls have 2 special areas reserved for  wheelchair users. On the ground floor there is a disabled toilet equipped with 1 handle on the toilet with an 88 cm access. There is a lift access (87 cm) to the Lower Floor and to the Gallery where there are also reserved spaces visitors with mobility problems. On the Lower Floor  there is a disabled toilet equipped with 2 grabrails . If you possess a disability benefit document it is possible to park either along Garibaldi Street, where the pavement is smooth and composed by terracotta  slabs or behind the Theatre in Piazzale F. Paer and Piazzale Barezzi, whose  paving is in  small loose stones
  4. Monument to Giuseppe Verdi  at Palazzo della Pilotta
    The monument to Giuseppe Verdi can be admired from Piazza della Pilotta. For a closer view  there is a ramp leading directly underneath the monument.

Busseto (PR)

  1. Museum "Barezzi House" Via Roma 119
    The access to the building containing the Museum is 120 cm wide and presents 1 step. The visit to the Museum on the first floor is accessible only by 21 steps  without any kind of help to overcome them. 100 m away,  in Piazza Verdi, there  is 1 parking space for disabled visitors:  the ground level is  terracotta with cobblestone pavements.
  2. Oratorio SS. Trinità c/o Chiesa Collegiata San Bartolomeo Via Roma
    To access the Oratory it is necessary  to go into the Church. The access to the Church “Chiesa Collegiata di San Bartolomeo” presents a central wide door and  two lateral ones each 70 cm wide with 1 descending step 14 cm high. The Oratory is connected to the Church by a ramp with a slope of about 8% and has an entrance of 88 cm. In Piazza Verdi 1 there is 1 reserved parking space for disabled visitors.  The ground level surface is asphalt and stone.
  3. Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli Via Provesi, 39
    The access to the Church  is 73 cm wide  and presents 2 steps that can be overcome thanks to  a  concrete ramp with a slope of about 15.7%. Is it possible to fully open the door shutters to create an access 110 cm wide. In front of the church there is a parking area, but without any kind of facilities for disabled visitors. The flooring is  asphalt and gravel.
  4. National Museum Giuseppe Verdi di Villa Pallavicino
    The access to the Museum is by a dirt road leaving from via Provesi where a disabled visitors parking area is located. The dirt road is made of a bituminous multilayer base easily accessible for wheelchairs, while the internal path to the villa consists of a walkable stonewalk. The museum tour takes place on the ground floor and on 1st floor accessible by a special elevator.
  5. Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi
    Currently the access to  see the Giuseppe Verdi Theatre is only possible by negotiating a few steps  on the facade overlooking  Piazza Giuseppe Verdi. A personalized service to overcome these steps is provided by the Ushers from the Theatre. However  the installation of a special stairlift  is expected shortly.
Roncole Verdi (PR)
  1. Giuseppe Verdi’s home at Via Verdi, 1 
    The way in  is 106 cm wide and presents a 8 cm step. The ticket office has an entrance of 73 cm and one step 4 cm high . The first room to be visited on the ground floor is “the Kitchen" with a 73 cm wide door. To enter the second room "the Tavern Room" there is a hallway with a  door of 70 cm. on entry and 60 cm. At the exit. On the ground floor you can also visit the third room: "The Cellar", with an entrance 120 cm. wide. To enter the fourth room “the Horse Post”  it is necessary to overcome a ramp with a 13% incline. The bedrooms are located on the first floor; a visit is possible  after overcoming an 11 steps stairway. To reach Verdi’s birthplace it is possible to park in front of the house either in the forecourt  or along Via Verdi.  Furthermore, 300 m.  from the house,  in Strada Processione, there is a public car parking with a place reserved for people with disabilities and a public toilet with grab rails wc and an entrance 90 cm wide.
  2. The Roncole Organ c/o Church of San Michele Arcangelo, Via Roncole Verdi
    The main entrance to the Church is 170 cm wide and presents 1 step 3 cm. high. The side entrance is on the facade of the Church and measures 100 cm. Opposite the church there is a parking lot with a place reserved for persons with disabilities marked by yellow lateral lines having a concrete gridded flooring.

Villanova sull'Arda (PC)

  1. Villa Verdi. Sant'Agata Via Verdi, 22 
    The entrance to Villa Verdi is 86 cm wide and has one  4 cm high step. From the garden of the Villa you reach the ticket office (83 cm) by a single 7 cm step. The Villa does not have a toilet for disabled visitors; the only restroom has an entry 58 cm. wide. In the courtyard there is the Family Chapel; its entrance is 145 cm wide  and has 2 steps 17 cm high. To visit the first room you have to walk on a cobblestone path  through the garden for about 200 m.. The entrance to the first room is 88 cm  and you are presented with 3 steps,   15 cm high. The second room has an entrance of 96 cm. The access  to the third room is through a hallway 67 cm wide on entry and 72 cm. At the exit. The fourth room has a 72 cm entrance and its exit to the garden is 127 cm.  To get to the garden it is necessary to overcome 2 steps 20 cm high. From the Park, paved with coarse gravel, the visit continues in the "Cellar" and "Carriage room", to which the access is through a shed without steps and with a pelbble floor. Villa Verdi does not have parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities but it is possible to park along Via Verdi or in the parking lot reserved at (?) Villa located about 400 meters far from the entrance.

Trevozzo (PC)

  1. The Organ  in Trevozzo  located in the Church of the Assunta
    The main entrance, which is located at via Umberto I, number 132, presents one step. For people with disabilities it is possible to park in the square opposite the Church.
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