Chissola con ciccioli (chissola with cracklings)
500 gr. white flour
250 gr. ciccioli
pinch of salt
half a cube of  fresh yeast
1 small spoonful of lard
Make a dough with the flour, warm water, salt, yeast and a little lard.  Add the finely chopped ciccioli and knead until the dough is uniform.  Grease a large sheet with the remaining lard.  Roll out the dough, as thinly as possible, and let it rise for about an hour.  Bake in a hot oven.
Crostini Rigoletto
24 crostini of toasted bread
200 gm butter
a few grains of Cayenne pepper
6 boiled eggs
200 gm cooked ham
Spread the crostini with the butter mixed with the finely powdered pepper.  Cover them with a mixture of chopped egg, ham and herbs.
Testina in cassetta (molded head cheese)
This is a very pleasing dish, for which Verdi made an exception, since normally he tried to limit the fat in his diet.
Take the head and bones of pork, with a little meat, and boil for about three hours.  When cooked drain the bones and head and bone them, chopping the meat with a knife (into pieces a little bigger than that for salami mixtures).  Cook the lard on the side.  When it is well browned drain it in a double cloth (such as is used to make cheese in a dairy).  Wring well to squeeze out as much of the fat as possible, then put between two boards like a nut cracker.  When it is dry open the cloth, take out the cracklings and mix together with the chopped meats.  Add salt, spices and garlic flavored wine.  Stir well and put the mixture back into the cloth for at least two days.
Torta fritta (fried cakes)
500 gr boiled potatoes
550 gr wheat flour
25 gr fresh yeast
2 spoons of olive oil
warm milk
2 teaspoons salt
Dissolve the yeast in 2 spoonfuls of warm milk, mix the ingredients and roll out the dough, not too thinly, to cut into small squares.  Fry in very hot lard.
Spalla cotta (cooked shoulder)
Original recipe of the Maestro who preferred to eat the Spalla di San Secondo hot, still steaming: "Before cooking  it must be desalted, leaving it in tepid water.  Then put it on the fire in a large pot full of water.  It must boil slowly for 6 hours, then cool in its broth.  When it is cold, after 24 hours, take it out of the pot, dry it and serve".
(from a letter to Opprandino Arrivabene, April 1872)
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