Paesaggi d'autore - Landscapes of the artists
"Paesaggi d'autore" is a new way of enjoying tourism. It is aimed at attentive travellers who want to experience at first hand something of the emotions, the places, atmosphere and flavour of the backdrop to the works of art created by the most important figures in Italian culture.
The network of itineraries that make up "Paesaggi d'autore" is first coordinated inter-regional proposal from seven regions: Emilia-Romagna, Basilicata, Liguria, Lombardia, Sicilia, Sardegna and Toscana.
In this interregional project aimed at developing a new aspect of tourism, "Paesaggi d'autore" offers a system of thematically-linked itineraries connected to the lives of more than two thousand important personalities, obviously including Giuseppe Verdi. It is a resource that offers an original map of the historical and cultural heritage and geographical locations of importance in their lives. The project’s portal www.paesaggidautore.it provides information about the various key locations (museums, birthplaces, foundations, theatres, exhibitions, etc) and allows the tourist to access up-to-date information, and further details through links to the relevant areas. It is also possible to have information regarding accessibility and to download maps of the itineraries.
This is complimented by a publication “Paesaggi d’Autore”, where the landscapes become unforgettable with Marcello Fois’ short stories, while a series of leaflets offer suggestions for theme-based visits in the various regional  territories.
An itinerant exhibition made up of a large number of panels reproduces the itineraries while a series of videos focus on nine of the artists, including Giuseppe Verdi.
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