2013 program
On March 9, 2013 (March 8, open rehearsal Schools) Arena del Sole Roccabianca (PR), the first national "Dear Clarina..." Giuseppe Verdi in Milan's famous salon Clara Maffei. Show Emanuele Aldrovandi ( Pirandello National Award 2012) directed by Mario D'Avino, was dedicated to women symbol of life of the great master of Italian opera and the participation of soprano Elena Rossi in the role of Josephine Strepponi while Ivano Rose has the role of Joseph Verdi. Collections of the shows were donated to the parishes of Fontanelle (PR) and San helix sul Panaro (MO) for the restoration of organs damaged by the earthquake. Replicas March 10 at the Teatro Asioli of Correggio (RE) and 11 March Teatro Filodrammatici of Piacenza.

June 12, 2013 - Always in Busseto, as part of the celebrations Verdi Verdissime.com organize a day dedicated to "Verdi and Shakespeare" in various aspects, recalling trips Londoners of the Master, 'first' portrayal of The Guild in 1847, his contacts with Mazzini and the deepening of the texts of Verdi. Performers of the day, the American musicologist Philip Gossett and the famous baritone Renato Bruson. Presents the event Ilaria Notari (Azucena, Il trovatore) journalist Teleducato.

June 21, 2013 (Day of Music) at the Courtyard of the Pinacoteca Stuard of Parma will be performed in 'premiere' 'Lyrical greenest' for soprano and piano composed by Giuseppe Vaccaro student of the Conservatory, already rewarded in 2012 with a scholarship from the verdant . com. the idea of ​​establishing this award for young musicians, relates the episode of the early life of Giuseppe Verdi when the pawnshop of Busseto, granted him a scholarship for admission to the Conservatory of Milan. The event will include the execution of a program with opera arias with the reading of 'Capriccio Verdi' by Attilio Bertolucci and other poets and writers who have celebrated Verdi, is realized with the collaboration and support of the City of Parma.
of Shakespeare's masterpieces that inspired the music

November 9, 2013 is scheduled to open at the Hospital of Villanova of "The Green room" where they will be exposed documents concerning the events related to its design and the history of the hospital when Verdi was still alive. Designed by Verdissime.com, to know the thickness of the master of humanity and its social commitment, which has been reflected in the creation of the Nursing Home in Milan, the Villanova on Hospital and Asylum "Verdi" Cortemaggiore.
The design of furniture chosen was created by four students of the Faculty of Architecture of Parma: Andrea Valcavi, Nicolaas Johannes Fransen, Roberto Bertozzi and Stefano Montanari.
Are involved in the initiative over all'l'Ospedale of Villanova, the Provincial Administration of Piacenza, the City of Villanova on, the USL of Piacenza, the Superintendency of Artistic and Cultural Heritage of the Emilia Romagna region, the National Institute Verdi Studies, the Library of Busseto, the Polytechnic University of Milan, the Fondazione Alma Mater-University of Bologna, the National Institute of Verdi Studies, the Foundation of Architects of Parma and Piacenza, Piacenza and Vigevano Foundation, Osram, Saib Caorso , Silvagna Lucia (Lucia, the Sicilian Vespers), Confederation of Piacenza.

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