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Inaugurated in Busseto in June 2008, the Verdissime.com, sempre libera Association was officially presented in Milan on October 10th, 2008: Its legal seat is at the Piacenza Provincial Administration while its operative seat is at the City of Roccabianca (PR). The association is composed of 35 members who identify with the 35 female figures in Verdi's operas. Honorary president is Giulio Manfredi, art director of the Manfredi brand, who has also created the broach that is the symbol of the Association for Verdissime.com.

Sempre libero degg'io, folleggiare di gioia in gioia....sings Violetta in La Traviata and Verdissime.com has made this its motto to express the freedom and spirit of initiative in the promotion of social and philanthropic activities. Taking inspiration from the great sense of humanity underlying all of Verdi, the Association acts to better sensitize young people to music, also bestowing study bursaries; to promote Verdi's places in the Piacenza and Parma districts with the creation of a Museum Room inside the Giuseppe Verdi Hospital in Villanova sull'Arda; and to attend to the needy and down-and-out with the organization of evenings of solidarity.
With its “feminine” manifestations the association aims to commemorate Giuseppina Strepponi, the second wife of the Maestro, who, endowed with extraordinary talent and sensitivity, accompanied Verdi through his years of creative maturity, staying by his side at the Villa Sant'Agata.
Among the group's past initiatives was the noteworthy VIVA V.E.R.D.I. National Competition for the composition of a patriotic hymn for Band and reciting or singing voice, for the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy, presided over by Giorgio Battistelli and won by Daniele Quaglia, a student of the Rossini Conservatory of Pesaro, with the title “Dolce Italia”...()
Scheda pratica per "Verdissime.com " Contacts Amministrazione Provinciale (Ufficio piano terra - stanza n.9)
Via Garibaldi 50 ? 29100 Piacenza
Tel. 0523 795337 - Fax 0523 795343
Carla Rota Maria Amelia Simon Boccanegra (consigliere)
cell. 333 4508309
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