Parma Lirica
At the end of the 1960s a group of young people, music lovers and keen opera fans in particular, used to meet after work in a bar in via Bixio. In that small smoky niche there was a piano where amateurs and able maestros would accompany chorus members and other music lovers in performances of famous operatic songs. Obviously this small group also frequented the “Gods” in the Teatro Regio, a temple for opera and the setting for plentiful discourse on the quality of sopranos, of tenors, and the style of the conductors. They all knew their Verdi and Puccini by heart, perhaps Wagner somewhat less, but the discussions were never-ending.
In 1970 the friends found a larger premises where they could meet They it cleaned up together in their free time and this was how a group of  music lovers was transformed into Parma Lirica.

In the new premises there was a large frescoed salon which would become a place for concerts and other activities. This small and modest “tavern” with a kitchen was magically transformed into a musical and cultural association. On 8 December 1970 the new premises were inaugurated and Parma Lirica began its concert and social activities.

The atmosphere, just as it was, is still simple and informal, welcoming singers and famous figures, in the pursuit of friendship and cordiality. Nowadays the premises have moved and Parma Lirica is based in the former barracks of the Fire Brigade where there is also an auditorium for concerts, however the atmosphere is still the same. Parma Lirica is frequented by people of all ages: from young boys with unbroken voices to the now silver-haired original founders. It is a Circle which open to everyone and as well as offering good music you can also enjoy good Parma cooking.

Presidents of Parma lirica have included Dante Bertolazzi, Orazio Tosi, Paolo Ampollini.

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