Luciano Pavarotti Foundation
After Maestro Pavarotti’s passing away (September 6, 2007), his wife Nicoletta Mantovani decided to establish a Foundation, named after him, aimed to reach a double goal: on one side, keeping alive Maestro’s memory through the organization of extensive international events; on the other side, supporting talented young singers eager to move the very first steps in the opera world, also catching interesting professional opportunities.
The memory of Maestro Pavarotti is perpetuated through great events and exhibitions at hghtest level. 
Even the young singers represent the heart of Foundation’s activity. During his life, Maestro Pavarotti always paid great attention to young people, auditioning new talents and giving (always for free) singing lessons to deserving students. 
He loved teaching, many people know that: before embarking on a career as a tenor, he ad worked in elementary schools, he was a master. As a young man he claimed that if he failed in music, he would willingly return to teaching.
Many years later, still engaged in its long and glorious career as a tenor, he was very pleased to be able to begin to make lessons to the students: he was used to say that sharing his experience and passion with the young talents was his way of thanking for the great gift he had received, the voice. It was also a way to perpetuate his visceral love for the music, passing it on to other people. 
Maestro also never forgot his beginnings and how long he had been debated on whether or not undertaking the opera career, often an impervious and uphill road. Mindful of these difficulties, he always tried to support young people by giving them visibility and, often, the chance to share the stage with him. 
Going along with his philanthropist wishes, today the Foundation offers opportunity to perform and start their career to talented singers, giving them the possibility to be appreciated by opera fans and beyond. 
The young singers selected by the Foundation already participated to concerts organized in Italy and abroad. 
In November 2011, Nicoletta has decided to launch the American Pavarotti Foundation, headquartered in New York, together with an auction sale to be held in New York City in the spring 2012 with viewings in London and Paris. Part of the proceeds of this auction sale will go in favour of the Pavarotti Foundation.
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  • Luciano Pavarotti, Un Ballo in Maschera, MET, New York, febbraio 1980
  • foto James Heffernan, Archivio Fondazione Luciano Pavarotti
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