Club dei 27 Verdi enthusiasts of Parma
“Club dei 27” began in Parma in 1958, uniting a group of friends all fascinated by the works and figure of Giuseppe Verdi.  Each of the members has been given the name of a title of one of the Maestro's operas:  revisions and re-editions were not considered, but the Messa da Requiem was included, a masterpiece of sacred music.
Among the statutory aims of the association priority is given to the desire to contribute actively to the diffusion of Verdi's operas, especially among the younger generations.  Popularization efforts of the Club of Verdi enthusiasts are taken mainly to schools of all orders and grades.  In particular, every year the students of the fifth elementary grade in the province of Parma are invited to participate in the competition “Tu conosci Verdi?” (Do you know Verdi?), that in every edition has registered the average participation of a thousand papers.
The association, which organizes frequent meetings with the artists appearing on the stage of the Teatro Regio in Parma and in all the major theaters of the world, has established the honorary title of “Cavaliere di Verdi”, assigned to all those who have contributed in honoring the figure and the works of the Cigno di Busseto.
Every year the 27 members of the Club officially celebrate the date of birth (October 10th) and death (January 27th) of Giuseppe Verdi, making a pilgrimage to his birthplace in Roncole Verdi, where they offer 27 red roses, and then to the Verdi monument in the center of Parma, where they place a laurel wreath .
The Club's office is visited by artist and groups of enthusiasts and of journalists from all over the world, fascinated and curious to meet these 27 persons who so passionately dedicated their free time to the memory of Giuseppe Verdi.
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  • Premiazione concorso "Tu conosci Verdi?" all'Auditorium Paganini di Parma - 2012
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