Lirica a strisce. Comic-strip opera
LIRICA A STRISCE is the transposition into comic-strips of the most acclaimed Operas produced and staged by the Teatro Comunale of Modena.  The editorial project came out of the desire to bring to opera a new and more extended public, using a language that is more modern compared to the original libretto of the Opera.
The choice of the comic-strip as the language for this operation fits in well with the local tradition of Modena tied to the ninth art (which has drawn into the shadow of Modena's Ghirlandina tower great authors such as Bonvi, Silver, Paul Campani, Massimo Bonfatti and Claudio Nizzi) and a more general popularizing vocation of so-called “designed literature”.  In fact the intention of the strip is to tell the story exploiting the potentialities of connection between word and image, between the moment represented (by the actors) and the imagined space (perceived between one vignette and the other by the reader),  to modulate dramatic force and irony through lines, color and characterization.  All this without losing the openly popular and divulgative vein that has been part of it from the beginning.
An entire series dedicated not only to children and young people, but also to comic-strip fans of all ages and to the lovers of opera in all its forms.
The comic can be found at the ticket office of the Teatro Comunale, as well as in the Feltrinelli and Nuova Tarantola book stores in the center of Modena, in the specialized book store Pop Store in Parma, at the Castello di Carta in Vignola and at the Ambasciatori book store in Bologna near Piazza Maggiore.
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